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Zoob Mover

We know how much kids love Zoob - the amazing modelling system that lets kids animate and play with models they make.

And so we're delighted to introduce Zoob Mover; with motorized parts and a remote control, it brings even more possibilities to Zoob creations.

As with the original Zoob sets, the pieces within Zoob Mover simply pop, clip, and snap together to create all manner of models from animals to robots.

And once assembled, the pieces twist, rotate and extend so that kids can bring their models to life.

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But with the addition of motorization, these Zoob creations can move in even more exciting ways - use the remote control to move the models left, right, forwards or backwards - the Mover can even spin in tight or wide circles.

With 50 colourful pieces and five different shapes the pieces snap together in 20 different ways.

This set provides plenty of inspiration for kids - they can follow the instructions to make a range of models, or let their imaginations loose and come up with their own.

Set includes remote control unit with batteries.

Includes ZOOB Mover, Remote Control Unit, 6 Rubber-tipped Feet (for traction), a 9v and 4 AA batteries and 3 Instruction Guides

Recommended for children 6 years of age and older

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