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ZOOB Galaxz Astrotech Rover

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There's a whole galaxy waiting to be explored with this futuristic Zoob Galax-Z AstroTech Rover Set.

Zoob is the incredibly popular model-making toy that kids love.

Unlike some modelling systems, once the creation is built, kids can continue playing by moving and articulating the models with parts that move, including rotating joints and spinning axles.

This 63-piece set includes everything kids will need to create four cutting-edge space vehicles, including a retriever, escape pod, satellite and AstroTech rover.

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Wrapping Paper Designs:

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Wrapping Paper Designs:

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The amazing AstroTech rover comes complete with two lasers, two launchers, a spring-loaded specimen gathering claw, two monster tank treads and a cockpit that flips open from where Helio, the intrepid Zoobonaut, can control the craft.

So whether they are imagining expeditions to Mars or discovering new planets, there is plenty to feed kids' imaginations.

The set contains 63 Zoob pieces, including two wings, two lasers, two launchers, cockpit, claw, dome, platform, two monster tank treads, Zoobonaut with helmet, and instructions.

For ages 6 and over

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