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WOW Toys Bumpety Bump Bernie

Kids will have a fun day down on the farm as they help driver Jethro complete his day-to-day jobs.

Bernie the motorised tractor bobs up and down with a cool bumpety bump action, just like a real tractor.

The removable trailer is fastened to the tractor with a magnetic hook and is the perfect spot for Patch the Pig to ride.

Meanwhile Shona the Sheep can sit on the tractor for a fun journey around the farm.

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The set also includes two removable fences which can also be transported in the trailer, where they keep Patch the Pig safe and secure.

With realistic engine sounds and cool movement included, it's amazing to know that no batteries are required with this toy and we're sure kids will have lots of fun creating different stories about life on the farm.


1x Motorised tractor called Bernie with removable trailer with magnetic hook
1x Pig figure called Patch & 1x Sheep figure called Shona
1x Farmer figure called Jethro & 2x Removable fences

Box Dimension : 32cm x 12.5cm x 18.5cm

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