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Wooden Ring Toss Game

A simple game but so much fun!

This is a challenge the whole family can enjoy together.

The aim is simple; take your rope hoop and try to throw it over a peg to score points.

Once you've thrown all your rings, add up your points.

A game of tactics; will you go for the easier pegs or aim for the more difficult ones to bag more points?

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Additional information

This is a great game for all ages and so much fun to play in the garden, at the beach or in the park.

This traditional game folds up neatly, making it easy to take with you and is presented in an attractive retro-styled box.

 Its a wonderful classic game for children and helps to develop their hand eye coordination

Set Contains: 1 Wooden Stand, 5 Wooden Pegs, 5 Rope Hoops & Instruction Sheet.

Box size: 52cm X8cm X 8cm

Did you know? Ring toss was first played by cowboys and farm girls hundreds of years ago!

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