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Pink Cow Happy Hopperz - Medium

Once kids discover how much fun they can have with a Happy Hopperz, they will want to bounce all day!

And the great thing is, adults won't mind because Happy Hopperz are not only great fun but are also great exercise. They encourage kids to be active and help improve balance and core strength. When sitting aboard the Happy Hopperz, kids can hold on using the ears whilst the four feet provide extra stability and balance.

And if it's raining - no problem; Happy Hopperz can be used indoors or outside. They are made from wipe-clean materials so even mud and puddles won't spoil their great looks!

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Wrapping Paper Designs:

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Wrapping Paper Designs:

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We know that kids will be eager to start bouncing so it's also good to know that Happy Hopperz are really quick to inflate or deflate and are supplied with a pump.

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