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Thames & Kosmos Physics Discovery Kit

Transform the way you think about physics with this exciting Physics Discovery Kit.

If you've ever thought physics was a difficult subject, this amazing kit will make it fun, exciting - and easy to understand!

There are 12 models for kids to make and a range of experiments to conduct which teach kids all about forces and energy.

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So educational, this set provides a great introduction to physics and is sure to encourage a life-long love of the subject.

Each of the 12 models teaches kids about different physics theories and they will enjoy learning about lever arms, pulleys, gears and wheels.

They'll be able to construct a spinning motion picture machine to learn about centripetal and centrifugal forces, a water wheel powered crane and a catapult to learn about the transfer of energy, and a sailing land yacht and a rubber band powered dragster.

As well as containing all the pieces for the 12 models, the set also includes a fabulous guidebook with illustrated instructions for the building projects and experiments.

Recommended for ages 8 and up.

Box Size: W33 x H22 x D7cm.

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