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We just love Tenzi!

It's the oh-so-simple dice game that everyone can play.

Easy to learn and fast to play, Tenzi is great whether you just have ten minutes to fill, or want to play for hours.

The aim is simple - be the first to roll all ten dice to the same value.

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Everyone plays at once, so there is no hanging around waiting for your turn - this is a game of speed as well as luck and strategy!

Just pick up the ten dice, roll them, look and the values rolled and then decide which number to aim for (so for example, if you have more fives than any other number, that's what you'll choose to collect).

Quickly set aside the dice with that number and keep rolling the rest until you have ten the same.

When you get all ten, shout Tenzi - but be quick, your opponent might not be far behind you!

So addictive; if you lose first time, you're sure to want to challenge your opponent to a rematch.

The great thing about Tenzi is that there are lots of variations to keep the game interesting - you could aim for five of one number and five of another, or stack your dice in a tower when they reach the right number.

You could even time how long it takes you to get all ten and try get quicker each time.

Tenzi is a great game for kids and helps improve observation and perseverance as well as teaching them about probability. 

Recommended for ages 7 +

A  fun, fast and frenzy game for 2 - 4 players.

Please note : each pack contains 4 sets of 10 dice in varying colours.

Dice colours may vary.

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