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Tabletops - Matilda Amazing Trivia

Prepare to be amazed with Matilda!

The Matilda Amazing Trivia Game asks the questions you've never thought to ask and kids and adults alike will have fun trying to guess the answers.

Test your general knowledge or form teams with your friends and copete for the quizzing crown.

You'll be amused and amazed by things you never knew!

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Additional information

With illustrations from Matilda, it makes a great gift or stocking filler and provides plenty of fun on rainy days or holidays.

The compact box means this quiz is also a great way to pass time on journeys.

Contents: 50 cards

Recommended age 6+

Games for 2+ players.

Box size: 6cm x 6cm x 6cm approx.

Weight: 0.1kg approx.

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