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T-Rex Sleepy Light

Make bad dreams and sleepless nights extinct with this super-cool T-Rex SleepyLight.

The friendly dinosaur is the perfect bedtime pal that kids will love.

Made from clear acrylic, this lightweight lamp is the ideal accessory for bedside tables and can be used as both a nightlight and a reading lamp.

With four brightness settings, it's easy to choose how bright you would like the lamp to be but best of all, there are a range of different colours to really make the cute T-Rex come to life - kids can even have fun choosing the colours with the simple-to-use remote control.

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Wrapping Paper Designs:

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Wrapping Paper Designs:

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Additional information

Just press a button and hey presto, the dinosaur changes colour.

Or if you just can't choose, opt for the 'rainbow' setting to see the T-Rex rotate through all the different colour options.

Four setting can be selected :

Sleep -for a gentle fade to low light

Timer - a gentle fade to low light that turns off after 40 mins

Rainbow - cycling rainbow colours that turns off after 20 mins*

Side Lamp - brightest white light that turns off after 20 mins*

* - only on battery power, stays on if USB powered

The LED lights that make up the dinosaur are cool to touch, making this a really safe choice for kids.

In addition, the LEDs last and last so this lamp can be used night after night.

Can be powered either by 3 x AA batteries (included) or the USB cable provided.

Box measures: 27cm x 17cm x 4cm approx.

Light measures: 23cm x 14cm approx.

Weight approx : 335g approx.

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