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Sureshot Crossbow Target Combo

With amazing accuracy, kids will love playing with this Sureshot Crossbow Target.

The clever design makes it really easy for kids to aim and fire the sucker darts at the target.

The super-safe darts are perfect for using indoors or outdoors and the sucker action means they will stick securely to the surface once fired. Included in the kit is a target, giving kids a safe object to practice their aim.

There are a number of safety features that make this an ideal target toy for kids, including the fact that the bow will only fire when loaded with the dart.

This crossbow is lightweight, making it easy for kids to use yet has a sturdy construction thanks to the robust plastic and spring steel prod. 

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Additional information

The target can be hung on a wall but also features fold-out legs, allowing it to stand on any flat surface.

Set includes crossbow, target and six Sureshot sucker darts.

Measures: Approx. 56cm in length.

Box measures: approx. 57cm x 27cm x 6cm.

Weight approx: approx. 925g

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