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Socker Boppers

The safe and fun way to box!

Kids will love challenging their friends to a boxing duel with these cool Socker Boppers boxing pillows.

Simply blow up the pillows and they are ready to use.

Kids can pop their hands inside and bop away.

It's sort of a cross between a boxing glove and a pillow fight but most of all it's great safe fun!

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Wrapping Paper Designs:

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Wrapping Paper Designs:

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Additional information

With a double cavity air chamber, the pillows have supreme cushioning meaning they are really safe.

Play indoors or outdoors and enjoy a super workout while having lots of fun.

Guaranteed fun with these Original Socker Boppers from Wicked Vision!

Details and instructions included on the back of the packaging. 

Suitable for ages 8+

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