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Science Museum Top Secret Intruder Alarm

Kids will love stopping intruders from entering their room with this fun science kit that comes highly recommended by the Science Museum.

They will have so much fun making the alarm, whilst learning importnat science facts along the way.

Once created, it can then be installed on their bedroom door alerting them of any intruders. 

When someone opens the door, a trigger is pulled which completes a circuit, sounding the alarm.

So, as soon as anyone enters the room, the alarm will be activated creating a loud noise!

This is a cool gift for anyone who wants to keep unwanted visitors out of their room.

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Additional information

Set includes a plastic intruder alarm case set with cover and base platform, battery holder with switch and wires installed, metal pegs, plastic pegs, trigger plate, wall mount, string, double adhesive tape & door plate.  

Also the set includes a colourful instruction booklet. 

Suitable for kids age 8 and upwards. 

Requires 2 x AAA batteries and a crosshead screwdriver - not included.

Adult supervision recommended.

Box dimensions Approx.: 21 cm x 17 cm x 6 cm

Weight Approx.: 200g

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