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Science Museum My Mystery UFO

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How on earth does it fly? Is it magic? 

Kids and adults alike will be amazed at this fantastic little gadget.

What's more they will love showing off their talent to family and friends.

No batteries required to make this UFO hover, rise, and fall!

With a little practice, they will amaze family and friends, as the UFO magically hovers and floats around!

My Mystery UFO has no remote control, does not use static electricity, and is completely silent to operate.

Kids will love performing this cool and fun trick! 

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Additional information

So how does this amazing Science Museum My Mystery UFO work? 

The secret is inside and only you know how to operate the UFO.

Once you master the simple instructions - spin it like a top, then make it hover and float! 

Includes 1 x My Mystery UFO,  full explanation of how it works and the science behind the phenomenon.

The accompanying DVD shows you how to fly the UFO. 

Recommend for ages 6 years +

Box dimensions Approx.: 17 cm x 18 cm x 6 cm

Weight Approx.: 120g

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