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Holibob Bear Travel Toy - Sandy

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From rainy days to holidays; kids will never be short of something to do when Sandy Holibob Bear is around.

This may look just like a regular cuddly teddy but Sandy is so much more as he comes with a range of interactive accessories to help kids plan their day, develop a range of new skills and even be rewarded for good behaviour.

Sandy comes with his own little suitcase and a series of activity cards.

Grown-ups can choose which activity they have planned and pop the relevant card into the suitcase for kids to discover - suggestions include 'quiet time', 'creative play' or 'going places'.

Kids are sure to be eager to join in with the activity that their bear friend has revealed.

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Wrapping Paper Designs:

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Wrapping Paper Designs:

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And once you've completed the activity, kids can pop a sticker into Sandy Bear's pawsport.

And if your child has been particularly good, they can gain a reward sticker and earn a treat with the 'golden ticket' or 'choice' activity cards.

But that's not all!

You'll also find a range of activities on the Holibob Bear website with fun puzzles and colouring sheets to print out.

There's even a selection of postcards here so when Holibob Bear goes on holiday (perhaps when your child is at preschool or visiting friends), he can send a postcard for them to discover.

And of course, with his pawsport and suitcase, Holibob Bear is always ready for adventure and makes a lovely toy for kids to take on their travels.

This makes a great gift for encouraging kids to try something new with their day and is sure to bring lots of enjoyment.

Revealing the activity - Kids will love racing down the stairs to see what Holibob Bear has planned for the day!

Use props, decorations, toys and more to create fun and exciting situations with Holibob Bear.

Here's a few ideas of things to do with the kids and Holibob Bear! Some are free/low cost activities as well as golden ticket activities which tend to cost a little more! Cooking, baking, obstacle course, art activities, build a den, dress up, fly a kite, go to the park, visit the zoo, visit the museum, buy a toy, go to the cinema, reading and much more. 

Set includes:  Holibob Bear, Suitcase, Summary cards, Activity Cards, Pawsport and Stickers.

Recommended for ages 3-5.

 Box Size :  39 x 24 x 10 cm approx.

Weight 530g approx.

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