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Remote Control Animals Construction Kit

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Bring animals to life with this cool Remote Control Animals Construction Kit!

Kids will have so much fun building their own animals using this amazing engineering kit and once assembled can watch as their creations move just like real animals - all controlled with the two-button remote control unit.

There are eight animals to build - the mechanical insides are covered by colourful plastic skins and together this creates animals that look and move just like the real thing.

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Wrapping Paper Designs:

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Wrapping Paper Designs:

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Using the remote control, kids can move the animals forward or backwards but the really clever thing is that each animal has it's own realistic movements - the penguin waddles while the crab walks sideways, the rabbit bounds and the orangutan climbs hand-over-hand on a string.

There are even two dinosaurs to build with a T-Rex that walks on two legs and a Pteranodon that flies along on a cord.

So whether they love animals, engineering, or both, this makes a great gift for kids who love learning something new.

With a 36-page manual, children are given step-by-step instructions to create the models and along the way will learn about animal movements and biomechanics.

With 94 pieces, children can even get inventive and have fun making their own designs - perhaps mixing up the creatures to create their own hybrid creations.

For ages 8 and over.

Box Size: W37 x H29 x D9cm.

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