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Rachel Ellen Shark Drinks Bottle

Forget feeling thirsty - kids can stay well hydrated all day long with this fun Jungle Fever drinks bottle from the popular Rachel Ellen range.

Decorated with a host of favourite jungle creatures, the design includes a giraffe, zebra, tiger and more to create a bottle kids will love.

Perfect for school bags, days out or after school activities; this bottle is ideal for kids on the go.

It includes a leak-proof, easy-to-open lid making it really simple for kids to get to their drink when they need it.

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Wrapping Paper Designs:

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Wrapping Paper Designs:

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Additional information

The bottle can even be popped into the freezer to keep drinks extra cool on hot days and is free from BPAs making it a great choice for little ones. 

Bottle holds 500ml.

Measures Approx.: 6cm in diameter/21cm in height.

Weight Approx.: 100g

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