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Purple Magical Wooden Fairy Door

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Open up a wonderful new world of magic and fairies with this fantastical fairy door which allows a fairy to come and live in your very own home or garden!

This unique gift provides a really special way to encourage children to believe in fairies while building their creativity and communication skills.

When you fit this handcrafted wooden fairy door into your home or garden, you are inviting a special little fairy to come to live with you!

The purple arched fairy door is supplied with a set of stepping stones to guide the fairy to their door, a secret code that you can use online to register your fairy, choose their name and download the lease agreement between the fairy and the family.

There's also the special key, plus details of how to access Magical Matters and the free App.

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Simply install the door and register your fairy's name on the website - you can also choose whether to have a girl fairy or a boy fairy come to live with you.

Then pop the magic key outside the fairy door.

Now all you have to do is wait for your fairy to move in.

They will arrive during the night, sometime after midnight and using the key will open the door to their new home (they'll then look after the key so that they can come and go as they please).

When children see the key has disappeared, they will know the fairy has moved in and can have lots of fun writing notes for the fairy or can even leave them treats and pictures - watch carefully and they may even receive a note back.

The accompanying website provides even more ideas for enjoying life with your new house guest.

Take a look at the Magical Matters section of the website to find all the latest news from Fairy Valley - here kids can discover fairy tales, fairy activities, a photo gallery, magical fairy facts, name ideas for naming their fairy and lots more.

And for even more fairy fun, take a look at the mobile App.

This makes a great gift for any child who is willing to believe in fairies and it has been shortlisted for the 2015 Gift of the Year Awards.

The door measures approximately 12cm high and can be used indoors or in the garden.

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