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The Best Pull Along Toys

Pull Along Toys

Pull Along Toys encourage younger children to take their first steps. They are beginning to explore the world around them, their sensory development is ever increasing and they are well and truly now on the move. Kids have mastered the art of crawling and now they are beginning to take their first steps, pull along toys are wonderful aids for encouraging them to walk and toddle.

Best Pull Along Toys For Children

The Selection

Why we love pull along toys

Pull along toys for a 1 year old need to be sturdy and well made. It is key that they are made from high quality materials and can withstand heavy use so that toddlers can play with them time and time again. When selecting a pull along toy they must also be suitable for the child’s age and safe too! Toys that aid fine and gross motor development are very important for little children, and that’s why pull along toys are such a popular choice when it comes to buying a gift for toddlers.

Our Favourite Pull Along Toys

Our sheep Pull Along Toy is a great little pull along for children who love farm animals. Any child, who is just starting to toddle and whether they are crawling or walking; they will love taking their little sheep pull along toy wherever they go. Flopsy Pull Along is such a cute and cuddly pull along toy for girls and is always voted as a favourite by our toy experts. From the classic tales of Peter Rabbit, Flopsy the bunny is totally adorable with her little pink jumper and fluffy white tail. Overloaded with cuteness and totally adorable she is perfect for little ones who are beginning to crawl or take their first steps. Finally we love toys that are multi- functional and promote many areas of learning so this Boikido musical train ticks a variety of boxes. It is not only a fabulous pull along toy but it’s a fantastic musical toy too. This is the perfect gift for children aged 12 months and over and is ideal for improving rhythm and motor skills. These are just a few of our favourite pull along toys for children, but as you can see there are so many different styles and designs for you to choose from. So whatever pull along you’re after we hope you find just what you’re looking for here.

All Pull Along Toys

Chosen by Parents
Every toy you see in our store has been chosen by parents with both parents and children in mind. You won’t find toys that stain carpets or cause stress for parents here!

Tested by Kids
Our panel of little testers check and play with each toy before it makes it into our online store. Without their seal of approval, toys won’t make it into the store.

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