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Whether your child loves bath times, or you’re looking for an incentive to make this part of your evening routine less difficult, we have a great collection bath toys. From toy boats, games, and ferocious bath buddies, all our bath toys aim to keep your little one content.

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More information on children’s bath toys…

Bath squirters are a firm favourite when it comes to children’s bath toys. For generations kids have enjoyed squirting water whilst playing in the bath. Knowing just how much fun this activity can bring to bath time, we have found lots of lovely bath squirters for kids to play with.

The Alex brands bath toys range that we stock has something for everyone, from a pretend playset such as barber in the tub to fearsome dinosaur squirters or even colour changing rubber ducks. Their fantastic selection is specially designed for kids and there are so many brilliant bath toys for you to pick from.

Some of our favourite bath toys are from the incredible WOW Toys range. They have brilliant toys for girls and fun bath toys for boys. Pick from Danny, Sunny, Susie and Tommy for amazing underwater adventures at bath time. Also, don’t forget all of the bath toys from WOW Toys are mould resistant which means they are high quality and made to last.

Finally our Green Toys Baths toys range has been chosen specifically because of it’s commitment to saving the planet. These amazing bath toys have all been made from recycled milk cartons which means they are Eco and environmentally friendly. We love to help the planet, so we were delighted to add these cool bath toys to our range not only because they’re made from recycled materials but we think their fun vibrant designs are great too!