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Our selection of Maths toys and activities will help aid your child in understanding this complex subject, whilst also making sure the activities are fun and enjoyable. When learning mathematics, whatever your child’s age, it is important to incorporate maths toys so that children learn through play.

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Maths doesn’t have to be struggle with our amazing selection of fun maths toys for kids. As your child begins to count we have a range of brilliant counting games or number jigsaws to help them on their journey. But if they’ve already started school and need a helping hand we have a great variety of maths games and activities that will make maths super easy and a lot more fun. Any of our maths toys teach children the basic mathematics skills from adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, shape recognition, counting and more. Each maths toy is a brilliant numeracy resource and we even have items that help kids to tell the time. For more advanced children we have tills and cash registers and fun games to help them understand money. Many of our Maths toys support the National Curriculum Key Stages 1 and 2 but most of all they encourage children to have fun whilst learning maths.

Maths has been linked together with science, engineering and technology to create STEM. STEM is broken down into four concepts, each of which are vital in today’s economy. The growing demand for jobs that include scientific skills, technological skills, engineering skills or mathematics skills means that our education system now accommodates for these key subjects. So to help children increase their knowledge in these specific areas we have a wonderful selection of STEM Toys which includes some of our favourite maths toys combined with fun science, engineering and technology toys.