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Our range of Literacy Toys do not only keep your children occupied, they also allow your children to perfect their writing and communication skills, helping them reach their full potential.

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More information on literacy toys….

Help children develop their reading, writing and spelling skills with our range of handpicked literacy toys. All our literacy toys aim to improve language skills, boost confidence, develop letter recognition, teach the alphabet and more. Many of our award winning literacy toys help kids improve and that’s why our educational toys help children with their journey.

As well as specialised literacy toys there are many other ways children can improve their literacy skills. Books are a fantastic way to help kids improve, they aid their creative thinking and also develop their language skills. However not every child is a huge fan of reading which is why puppet sets are a fantastic learning aid as children can tell stories using the puppets as well as reading the book to go with it. For older children, any of our children’s writing sets make a brilliant gift to help improve their literacy skills. Having a lovely set with envelopes and paper makes writing much more enjoyable and kids will be learning without even realising.