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Poo Toys

The funniest poo toys for kids

Offering free range play, aids children’s development in numerous ways. During this time, fun activities are a must and any way of encouraging shrieks of laughter would be recommended. Poo toys are guaranteed to bring laughter so whether kids are playing poo themed card and board games or pulling silly pranks using their poo toys,  they are all brilliant ways to have fun.

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Why choose Poo Toys For Kids

A little bit of breezy fun never goes a miss so our fart themed poo toys always create a whirlwind of family fun! For years and years kids have found toilet humoured gifts or poo toys highly entertaining which is why our selection of fart poo toys is constantly growing. Anything that is simply trump or fart related will always be on our best sellers list because poo toys are just great FUN and kids just seem to love anything that has the ultimate gross factor.

The Top 3 Poo Toys

Whilst our plop trumps card games are amongst the best selling poo toys since what2buy4kids began, we introduced 5 brand new poo toys to our collection in 2018. Due to popular demand for poo toys and the ever lasting humour these toys bring, we are always dedicated to finding new and exciting poo toys for kids. You’ll notice that our new items include farts in a jar, smiley poo slingshot and the poo head game. Going forward each year we have decided to add a couple of new items to our poo toys range so please make sure you keep your eyes peeled for what will be new in 2019. The poo popper is fun and novel and kids will enjoy shooting the poop from the poo emjoi’s face at family and friends. Our animal poppers have been best sellers for many years so we are sure that the poo popper will be a great hit too! Our smiley poo sling shot is a great little gift that is of course poo themed. It makes a fabulous party bag gift or stocking filler for children of any age. All our poo themed items are cool toys for boys and girls will have great fun with them too!


Chosen by Parents Every toy you see in our store has been chosen by parents with both parents and children in mind. You won’t find toys that stain carpets or cause stress for parents here!


Tested by Kids Our panel of little testers check and play with each toy before it makes it into our online store. Without their seal of approval, toys won’t make it into the store.

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