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Pony Sleepy Light

Looking for the perfect gift for a child who loves ponies?

Well, they are sure to adore this colourful Pony Sleepy Light.

As well as being a decorative piece for a bedside table or bookshelf, this is also the perfect nightlight for bedtime.

Kids will love seeing the reassuring glow as they are falling asleep and with a range of brightness levels, they can use the lamp when they are reading or getting ready for bed or set it to a dimmer setting when it's time to sleep.

What kids will really love is the child-friendly remote control which lets them choose the colour of the horse.

Opt for one of 12 colours or if you just can't choose one colour, select the 'rainbow' function and watch as the horse magically transforms through all the different colours.

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Additional information

There are a couple of extra features to help make bedtime a doddle too.

With the 'sleep' function, you can automatically lower the light's brightness as children drift off to sleep or choose the 'timer' function and the light will automatically turn off after one hour once kids have had chance to fall asleep.

Either way, it means parents no longer have to sneak into the bedroom to turn off the light.

This clever lamp is so easy for kids to use and is supplied with a remote control, power supply and battery for the remote control.

And with its cool-to-touch LEDs, it's also a safe choice for kids.

Box measures: 7cm x 29cm x 17cm approx.

Light measures: 23cm x 14cm approx.

Weight: 4g approx.