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Pink Twinkles Octopus Night Light

Even those who are afraid of the dark won't mind turning off the lights with this super-cute sea creature to help them drift into a relaxed and happy sleep.

The Pink Octopus Ocean Nightlight makes the perfect bedtime companion as he emits a calming glow in a choice of two colour options - blue or red.

The octopus also projects a wonderful scene of fish, bubbles and stars onto the ceiling, giving children something soothing to watch whilst drifting off to sleep.

And the really clever thing is that after 45 minutes, once your child has had chance to fall asleep, the lights automatically turn off, ensuring that children can enjoy deep sleep in darkness, as recommended by paediatricians.

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Robust, yet easy to transport, kids will love using their octopus at home but can take it on holiday and to sleepovers too. This nightlight requires three AAA batteries which are included.

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