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Pink Twilight Ladybug Night Light

Kids who are scared of the dark will have nothing to fear with this adorable Twilight Ladybug to keep them company all night long.

Not only does this nightlight provide a comforting glow in a range of three colours - blue, green and amber but it also projects a fantastic starry night sky onto the wall and ceilings to give children something to watch as they drift off to sleep.

Best of all, the star patterns are based on real constellations, so parents and children can identify and learn about the different constellations using the fantastic Star Guide which is included.

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Additional information

Paediatricians recommend that children sleep in darkness to promote deep sleep so it's good to know that the light automatically switches off after 45 minutes so that your child can enjoy a restful sleep. The LED lights help to keep the unit cool and protect the battery life. The nightlight uses three AAA batteries which are included.

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