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Orchard Toys Two By Two Game

The animals went in two by two!

Kids love the story of Noah's Ark and with this fun memory game they can have lots of fun pairing up the animals and guiding them safely onto the ark.

Suitable for between two and four players, the aim of the game is simple - be the first to match up your animals and get them onto the ark before the rain comes.

Simple to play but lots of fun, this addictive game is perfect for children aged 3-6.

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It's ideal for helping children develop their memory skills as they try to remember where the different animals are in the face-down cards in order to create a match.

Once a player has successfully found the pair for each of their animals, they must then attempt to uncover a rain cloud card in order to make the ark sail away and win the game.

This game is also great for helping children learn the names of all their favourite animals and they will love posting the pairs into the ark.

The game includes 42 cards, a 3D Noah's Ark and full rules.

There is also an educational guide on the back of the box to help children learn while they play.

Box size - 25.5 x 19 x 9cm

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