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Nerf Tri Strike Super Soaker

Get ready for a super soaking!

This NERF super soaker tri strike crossbow is just the thing for hours of watery fun with friends.

Challenge your buddies to a water fight and then unleash the power of your super soaker!

The cool crossbow design can shoot three streams of water - ensuring anyone who gets caught in its path will get a thorough drenching.

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And with foldable blast arms - you can choose between three jets of water or a powerful single jet that can reach extra far - so just when they think they've escaped your watery weapon - you can surprise your opponents with your far-reaching blasts.

The pump-action is so simple to use and will really give you a competitive edge in water battles.

The crossbow holds an impressive 40 ounces (1.2 litres) of water, giving you plenty of ammunition and can reach amazing distances of 38 feet (11.5 meters).

The crossbow should be used with clean water only and to avoid injury should never be aimed at the eyes or face.

Supplied with instructions.

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