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Mr. Tall Giant Sunflowers

Which is tallest, Mr Tall or a super-sized sunflower?

Well, there's only one way to find out - have a go at growing your very own giant sunflowers!

Inspired by Mr Tall's lofty physique, this kit contains everything kids need to enjoy a fun gardening project growing their own sunflowers.

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It's a great introduction to gardening for little ones and is the perfect way to teach about basic plant science with a hands-on approach that makes it easy to understand.

The wonderfully-illustrated box contains all you need to get going with three packets of seeds, three starter growing pots made from coconut husk along with three coconut husk compost discs.

There are also three wooden plant markers so you can keep track of who planted each sunflower - great for competitions to see who can grow the tallest flower.

There's also a fun Mr Men themed booklet and a cool colouring-in poster.

This gift is perfect for fans of the Mr Men books and is the perfect way to encourage green fingers!

Box measures: 12cm square approx.

Weight: 170g approx.

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