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Mermaid Sleepy Light

This magical mermaid is sure to enchant and delight kids at bedtime.

With flowing hair and a beautifully-patterned tail, she brings a touch of magic to any bedside table or bedroom shelf.

What colour mermaid would you like to see? Well, with this clever lamp, she can be a different colour every night as kids can change the colour using the super-simple remote control.

Just press a button and see her transform from red to green or pink to yellow - or if you just can't choose, press the 'rainbow' option and watch as the mermaid automatically rotates through all the different options, bringing a riot of colour to the bedroom.

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Wrapping Paper Designs:

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Wrapping Paper Designs:

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Additional information

Made using sleek clear acrylic, this is a truly modern lamp and it includes some really smart features too.

Designed to make bedtime relaxing and stress-free, the light has a 'sleep' feature which gently fades to low light - great for kids who like to fall asleep with a comforting glow.

Then there's the 'timer' function - use this and the light will automatically turn off after 40 minutes - again, this is perfect for kids who like a little light at bedtime but once they are asleep, they can enjoy restful sleep in a dark room.

Use the rainbow setting for an array of colours that turns off after 20 minutes * (* Only if on battery power, but will stay on if USB powered).

Finally, using the side lamp is the brightest white light which turns off after 20 minutes * (*again if only on battery power, but will stay on if USB powered).

Created using LEDs, the lamp remains cool to the touch and is long-lasting, with no need to change the bulbs.

Can be powered either by 3 x AA batteries (included) or the USB cable provided.

Box measures: 27cm x 17cm x 4cm approx.

Light measures: 23cm x 14cm approx.

Weight approx : 335g approx.

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