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Magical Fairy Door Playtime Set

We know that fairies and elves are playful creatures and so we're sure any fairy would be delighted to receive this cute Playtime Accessory Set.

It includes everything fairies/elves need to let their hair down and have some fun with a swing, ladder and bicycle.

There's also a cute see-saw that's perfect for when another fairy pal comes round to play.

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Created by the Irish Fairy Door Company, this set makes a great addition to any Irish Fairy Door - which are available separately.

Although it's rare to actually spot your fairy playing, keep an eye out and you may notice that the bicycle has moved or the see-saw is in a different position whenever your fairy has been enjoying a play session!

Of course as fairies are tiny and dainty, so are their accessories.

This playtime set looks amazing next to your magical fairy door.

Fairy door is not included

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