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Lift It Game

Player against player, crane against crane - Lift It is the competitive building game with a difference.

Players battle each other in a race against the clock to build the structure on the card.

It may sound easy but players must use the special crane hook to pick up the construction pieces - making the challenge fiendishly difficult.

For each piece they successfully place, players gain a point and there are extra points on offer if they manage to construct the entire structure before the time runs out.

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Once the game is underway players can duel against one another using their skills to build a structure or can challenge their opponents to create a structure based on an explanation.

For an extra level of difficulty, players must affix the cranes to their heads and attempt to manoeuvre the pieces this way.

So innovative, this game brings a competitive element to building and construction and is sure to have players laughing as they watch their opponents attempting to build the various structures.

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