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Large Pink Horse Happy Hopperz

Remember how popular Space Hoppers were in the 1970s? Well Happy Hopperz are the modern-day equivalent and kids just love them.

All children have to do is climb aboard and start bouncing - the ears provide something for them to grip whilst the feet help keep them steady.

Not only are Happy Hopperz great fun but they are a good way to get kids exercising too and will really help improve balance. Perfect for using indoors or outside, Happy Hopperz can be wiped clean and their sturdy construction means they are robust no matter how much use they take.

They are really easy to inflate and deflate too and are supplied with a pump.

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Wrapping Paper Designs:

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Wrapping Paper Designs:

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We stock a wide range of different animals and colours. This pink horse design is perfect for little girls and it makes a great Christmas or birthday gift.

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