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- Choose from our collection of beautiful affordable kids lunch boxes and lunch bags. All come in bright colourful designs that appeal to children. In our Bugzz range, we have lunch bags, featuring fun designs such as butterflies and princess for girls and dinosaurs and pirates for boys. We love the prints on all our Stephen Joseph lunch boxes, and guarantee children will too. In the Tyrrell Katz range we not only stock fabulous lunch bags, but matching snack boxes as well.

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All of our kids lunch boxes are made from safe materials, are fully insulated and are designed to keep food cool and fresh, so are perfect to take to school. They have many great features, such as inside straps to secure drinks bottles, mesh pouches and easy to carry handles.

All of our children's lunch boxes have fun and bright designs, are suitable for both girls and boys, and are practical and safe to use. We have Dinosuar lunch boxes, Butterfly lunch boxes, Pirate lunch boxes, Owl lunch boxes, Jungle lunch boxes, Transport lunch boxes and many many more. We also have lunch bags and snack boxes as well!

How to choose the right kids lunch box - By Emma

1 Make sure that the design of the lunch box matches the personality of the child

Sounds obvious, but when you choose a kids lunch box you should always pick a design that fits in with what the child does and likes. They will be using their lunch box 5 days a week and all of their friends will see it, so it needs to be cool and something that they will be happy to be seen with.

2 Make sure that the lunch box is insulated

Not important in the winter, but very important in the summer! The lunch box has to keep the food fresh when it is hot outside and the only way that it can do that is if it is insulated. Don't let soggy sandwiches and brown bananas spoil the lunch! You will pay more for insulated lunch boxes but the extra is money well spent.

3 Make sure that the inside can easily be wiped clean

All kids make a mess and all kids lunch boxes get dirty! Bread leftovers, yoghurt, fruit and everything else will be in the box from lunchtime onwards and it is vital that you can easily clean the inside with a bit of soap and water. Bugs and germs will soon build up if you don't clean the lunch box daily, so make sure that it is easy to clean so that it isn't a daily chore that you hate doing.

4 Mesh pouches and carrying handles can make all the difference

A little extra can go a very long way when choosing the right lunch box design. Mesh pouches are great for stuffing extra bits in whilst velcro straps are perfect for strapping in bottles or cartons. And lunch boxes with a handle are so much easier to carry - so you won't have to worry about it fitting into the school bag!

5 Choose a matching set for your kids lunch box

There's something extra cool about having a lunch box that matches your drinks bottle and other school stuff. If there are matching items available and if your budget allows for it, then buying a set is just that little bit special....

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