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Invent A Scent Perfume Kit

Imagine creating a scent that's totally unique and tailored just to you!

Well, that's exactly what kids can do with this fantastic Invent a Scent Perfume Kit.

We can't promise that they'll develop the next Chanel No. 5 but they will certainly have fun experimenting with different scents.

In the kit girls will find everything they need to create their own fragrance.

There's a scientific element to this kit too as kids learn about how the different top, middle and base notes combine to create pleasing aromas.

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With a full instruction booklet, they'll discover how to create a perfume tailored to their own personality and can then have fun making fragrances for friends and family too.

The kit includes five main fragrance ingredients including a 7ml bottle of Musk, Pink Flowers, Citrus, Green and Fruity fragrances.

There are also five plastic pipettes, four gift bottles, a sheet of self-adhesive labels, a sheet of perforated strips for testing the scents and a pair of laboratory gloves.

 You'll be just like a professional perfumer in no time. 

Box Size: 22 x 21.8 x 5.2 cm

Suitable for ages 8+

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