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Hape Mighty Mountain Mine Train Set

Get ready to unleash hours of fun with this marvellous Mighty Mountain Mine Train Set from Hape Toys.

This multi-level train set has so much to discover with a track that circles through the mine, carriages, a crane and more.

Start at the surface of the mine and use the crane to load the carriages with supplies before heading down into the mighty mountain to explore the world below.

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As you journey through the mine, you'll encounter a number of fun interactive features such as the waterfall tunnel - remove the tunnel wall and turn it upside down to see the magic liquid inside come into motion.

There's an obstacle bridge and rope bridge to cross plus a warning bell to ring and a repair station.

The conveyor belt lets you transfer ore from the bottom of the mine up to the third level where you can load it into the carriages ready to make the journey up to the surface.

This 31-piece set has so much going on and is sure to capture kids' imaginations, providing hours of creative play.

Suitable for children ages 3 and over.

Product dimensions - 87cm x 90cm x 24cm

Box dimensions Approx.: 64cm x 21cm x59cm

Weight Approx.: 12kg

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