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Hape Busy City Play Set

Create a city then get ready to explore with a collection of different vehicles.

So much fun, kids will love piecing together the jigsaw puzzle to reveal the city scene.

Then they can add the various vehicles to create stories about life in the city.

With cars, a boat, aeroplane, police car and school bus; there's plenty of opportunity for creative play.

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There's also a tree, lighthouse and house for extra fun and all the pieces can be joined together with the red string - perfect for keeping them in line and for storing the pieces safely together after playtime.  

Made with a commitment to sustainability.

Compliant with international safety and quality standards

Packaging size L: 66, W: 15.2, H: 61cm

Suitable for children ages 2 and over.

Box dimensions Approx.: 26cm x 24cm x6cm

Weight Approx.: 500g

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