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Grow Your Own Grass Head - Pig

The indoor gardening project with a difference!

Growing seeds is lots of fun but with these cute Grow Your Own Grass Heads Farm Animals, kids can also enjoy watching their favourite farmyard animals grow hair as the seeds grow.

This cute pig design is so much fun and a great idea for Easter.

The glazed ceramic pot will look great on any windowsill and the kit contains everything kids need to plant their seeds and watch them grow.

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Inside the attractive gift box, they will discover the pretty pot, plus soil and seeds.

The only thing they need to add is water.

Once they have planted the seeds, kids will have lots of fun seeing the grass grow day by day.

It's a great introduction to growing plants and makes a lovely gift or stocking filler for kids who love a project. 

Box size approx : 6cm x 6cm x 6cm

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