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Unusual toys that glow in the dark

Our Favourite Glow In The Dark Toys

Our wonderful glow in the dark toys will ensure children have lots of fun when the sun goes down. These cool toys make ideal gifts for children who have birthdays around Bonfire Night or Halloween, but of course they bring hours of fun all year round too! Glow in the dark toys are also fantastic toys for creating a darkened sensory den. Their soothing glow can be calming for many children which is why any item that features glow in the dark materials is ideal for any child’s bedroom.

Popular Glow In The Dark Toys

The Selection

silly monster

How Glow In The Dark Toys Work

All glow in the dark toys contain phosphors which are a substance that radiate visible light after being energized. To create a glow in the dark toy, a phosphor must be energised by normal light and have a very long persistence. If you find a glow in the dark toy that is SUPER illuminous it will more than likely have a phosphor containing strontium aluminate. Our Glow In The Dark toys emit a glowing green or yellow light. Our glow shapes that you stick on the ceiling, store the light during the day and then glow during the night. This tends to happen with most products that glow in the dark.


Top 3 Glow In The Dark Toys

As you can see from our selection above, the depth to our range of glow in the dark toys is great, with a massive variety of unusual gifts on offer. Our selection includes some cool toys for boys as well as some exciting and fun gifts for girls. So to help you pick we’ve highlighted our favourite three. Firstly the rail race has been a favourite for years. This toy is designed for older kids as it combines the idea of a marble run, with STEM skills as well as glow in the dark fun. For creative kids we would suggest one of our amazing mould and paint kits. Using the sets, kids can create a handful of space or dinosaur themed models, but the most fascinating features is that they can make their creations glow in the dark. And the final toy, that is truly spectacular because it glows in the dark is our junior stomp rocket. This gift is perfect for a bit of outdoor fun at night time. Kids will love watching their rockets soar across the night sky with this unusual gift.


Chosen by Parents Every toy you see in our store has been chosen by parents with both parents and children in mind. You won’t find toys that stain carpets or cause stress for parents here!

Tested by Kids Our panel of little testers check and play with each toy before it makes it into our online store. Without their seal of approval, toys won’t make it into the store.

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