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Toys for 11 year old girls

Gifts for 11 year old girls

Popular Toys & Gifts our customers have bought for 11 year old girls

Toys for 11 year old girls

“Girls aged 11 will benefit from physical activity, confidence boosts, as well as toys that encourage her advancing coordination skills.”

Lisa Bradburn, Chief Toy Tester

Some of the most popular gift choices for girls aged 11 will develop her already advanced problem-solving skills and critical thought, help her with her confidence and provide therapeutic qualities where necessary, all the while promoting sports and active play. We uphold that education and fun can work together and are popular proponents of STEM learning.

All toys for 11 year old girls

The Selection

The most popular toys bought for 11 year old girls

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All toys for 11 year old girls

Things to think about

By the age of 11, girls will be experiencing some considerable physical changes, so presents that encourage sports and active play are popular choices. Some of the best gifts for 11 year old girls will have confidence growing or therapeutic elements. Progressing from Primary School can be an intimidating process and at this age children’s self-esteem can become lower. Although, due to these more critical thoughts, you’ll find she’s improved at problem-solving tasks.

All toys for 11 year old girls

Best gifts for girls age 11

Panda Jigsaw Puzzle – 500 Piece
Featuring a charming picture of a panda climbing a tree, this is one of the best gifts you can buy to test your eleven year old girl’s problem-solving ability. In this 500 piece puzzle there are plenty of different colours and patterns to create a beautiful image, and whether it’s a fun activity to keep kids entertained on a rainy day or something to enjoy as a family; children will love piecing this cool jigsaw together.

Luxury Bath Bomb Gift Set
Being a girl at age 11 can be an intimidating, questionable time, so anything that might offer her some relaxation will prove popular. This beautifully packaged Luxury Bath Bomb Gift Set makes a great birthday present. It contains six gorgeous bath bombs and creamers, packed full of delicious scents and essential oils, which will leave the skin feeling and smelling fresh.

Water Attack
As your 11 year old girl experiences physical and mental changes, encouraging sports will allow her to advance these developments in a healthy way. This water fight set, equipped with 36 cool balloons, a catapult, and a carry net, is the perfect present to do just that. Simply fill a balloon with water then place it in the net, take aim and fire.

All toys for 11 year old girls

Chosen by Parents
Every toy you see in our store has been chosen by parents with both parents and children in mind. You won’t find toys that stain carpets or cause stress for parents here!

Tested by Kids
Our panel of little testers check and play with each toy before it makes it into our online store. Without their seal of approval, toys won’t make it into the store.

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