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Gift In A Tin - Puppy

A craft gift that kids will love keep.

If you know a child who loves dogs, they'll adore this Sew Me Up Puppy Gift in a Tin.

Not only can they have lots of fun making the cute puppy but once assembled they will enjoy playing with their pet and his squeaky bone.

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Wrapping Paper Designs:

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Wrapping Paper Designs:

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Inside the attractive tin kids will discover everything they need to create the little pup with puppy body, stuffing, plastic needle, thread and even a red spotty bandana for the puppy to wear.

The set also includes easy-to-follow instructions. The kit has been created with kids in mind and is really simple to put together - the fabric has pre-cut holes to make stitching easy.

Kids will love using the tin to take their friendly pup on adventures or can use it as a bed to tuck the pooch into when it's time to sleep.

Measures: 100mm deep x 142mm wide x 52mm high. 

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