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Gift In A Tin - Kitten

This playful little kitten wants to have fun but first you need to make it.

Kids love the satisfaction that comes when they create something for themselves - that's why this Sew Me Up Kitten makes such a great gift.

Inside the pretty tin, kids will discover everything they need to make their own pet kitten, including pre-cut fabric, stuffing, plastic needle, and thread.

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Wrapping Paper Designs:

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Wrapping Paper Designs:

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So easy to use, the kit is perfect for kids. The fabric has pre-cut holes to make it easy to stitch together.

Once complete, kids can even make a colourful ball of yarn for the kitten to play with.

And we know how much cats love to sleep so when playtime is over, children can tuck the kitten up in the tin, ready for nap time.

Measures: 100mm deep x 142mm wide x 52mm high.

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