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Our Favourite Football Gifts

Popular Football Gifts For Kids

From an early age kids, live, breath, talk and dream about football. From playing in the playground or in the park with their friends to playing for a club, kids just love to have a kickabout. At What 2 Buy 4 Kids we know just how loved the famous football sport is, which is why we’ve rounded up our pick of the best football gifts for kids for all those football fans out there.

Popular Football Gifts For Kids

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Why buy football gifts for kids?

Football has been one of the most popular sports for years and years. The much loved came is played across the world in almost every country. Due to it’s popularity, many boys develop a passion for football from an early age. As the love for football grows our range of football gifts for kids also gets bigger which is why we have only the very best items available.  Boys, globally, just love football which is why you can’t go wrong when buying a footie themed birthday or Christmas present. Whatever team your child supports, we have only the very best football gifts for kids, from football themed accessories to unique and novel toys. There really is something for everyone in our range. If your child is goalie, striker or defender, they’ll have great fun with any of our football gifts.


Age appropriate football toys for kids

Sporty kids need to keep hydrated and therefore need a drinks bottle to hand when they are at footie practice or playing in a match, so our Rachel Ellen Footie drinks bottles make perfect football gifts for kids. It’s also important to keep kids hydrated during the school day, so it’s no surprise, therefore, that this Rachel Ellen drinks bottle is one of our top football gifts for 5 year olds.

One of the best football gifts for 6 year olds is our football inspired chocolate lolly making kit. Footie fanatics can make up to five deliciously yummy milk chocolate lollies with this fabulous set.

Flying a kite always brings hours and hours of fun on  a windy day. A trip to the beach or local park just isn’t the same with out a kite. Our mini football kite, featuring a traditional black and white ball, is a top football gift for 7 year olds.

The newest additions to our football gifts for kids range are the flashing and hover footballs. These two items make brilliant football gifts for 8 year olds and guaranteed to be a huge success.

Voted as the best football gift for 9 year olds is our sportpax backpack. This unique styled backpack is perfect for school or kids can even use it as a kit bag for all the sporty bits and bobs.

We also have the unique rocket football, which has been designed by Aerobie. These football gifts for kids are one of our best sellers as they are the world’s fastest spinning footballs. Due to their fancy design and flying speeds, the Aerobie rocket footballs are cool toys for boys and have been voted as one of the best football presents for 10 year old boys.

And we just have to mention the UKick which combines, badminton and football. The aim of this game is to keep the Ukick in the air using any part of the body. These are perfect football gifts for 11 year old  boys, as they love the challenge of seeing how many keep uppies they can do compared to their friends.

So, if you’re looking for football gifts for kids or footie toys for boys, then we have loads of football gifting solutions for you.


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