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Fart Card Game

A real stinker of a gift!

Let's face it, farts are funny - especially for kids.

So if you know a child who finds passing wind hilarious, they will love this gift.

Based on the popular game Uno, the aim is to score points by getting rid of your cards.

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Wrapping Paper Designs:

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Wrapping Paper Designs:

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But unlike Uno, this game features different farty illustrations instead of colours.

From the 'silent but deadly' to the 'duvet lifter', the game includes lots of creative names for all types of fearsome farts, along with fun illustrations that will get everyone laughing.

This explosive game is lots of fun and is sure to have kids in stitches every time they play!

If you are looking for a fun novelty game for boys and girls, look no further!

Pack size : 9.5cm x 6.5cm

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