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Famous French Skipping Songs

The famous game of french skipping or french elastic, really is blast from the past, with most people remembering it as a traditional playground game. Back in the day, this toy was a really long piece of elastic, about 2cm wide and 3 metres in length, tied together to create a loop. The fun and well known game is still loved by children of today but to make things much, much easier, you can now buy french elastic or french skipping ropes from the shops, which saves parents a lot of hassle. However, it has now become challenge to remember the extremely popular games to play and the cheery rhymes we used to sing. So if you’re struggling to recall the quirky songs you used to sing, then you’ll be pleased to know we’ve found some of our favourite french skipping rhymes from years ago and ones that even kids of today will love.


Here is one of the more popular french skipping rhymes:

‘Chocolate cake, when you bake,
How many minutes will you take?
One, two, three, four.’
On ONE: jump up and land with left foot outside the
elastic loop and your right foot inside.
On TWO: jump up and land with both feet together
inside the elastic loop.
On THREE: jump up and land with both feet outside
the elastic loop.
On Four: jump up and land sideways to the elastic,
with your left foot on top of the back elastic and
your right foot ahead (in front) of the front elastic.
If the current player fails to execute the correct jump
their turn is over.

Another rhyme we can all remember is:

England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales

There are also slight abbreviations of this, rhyme such as

England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales. Inside, outside, on the RAILS!’

To play this game players must start by standing with both feet outside the elastic. When

England is said – jump inside
Ireland – jump out
Scotland –jump in again
Wales – jump with both feet on the elastic

Other fun french skipping rhymes that we have discovered include:

Banana splits, banana splits, banana, banana, banana splits.

2, 4, 6, 8 inside, outside, shut the gate

In, out, side to side, on, on, off

Old Mrs Mason broke her basin. 
On the way to London Station.
 How much did it cost? 
One, two, three, four.

Charlie Chaplin sat on a pin
. How many inches did it go in? 
One, two, three, four.


So there you have it, a selection of the best french skipping rhymes and games. As you can imagine the list is endless and we are always eager to add more, so if you know of any brilliant rhymes or games that you would like to share then please let us know in the comments below. Also we have shared with you below a couple of instructions to help you with your playground games and we hope you find them handy!

Our helpful hints and tips include:
“IN” Jump with both feet together inside the elastic.
“ON” Jump with both feet on top of the elastic ( The left foot lands on the left elastic and the right foot lands on the right elastic.)
“OUT” Jump with both feet together from the middle to the outside of the elastic.
“STRADDLE OUT”Jump and straddle! The left foot lands outside the left side of the elastic. The right foot lands outside the right side of the elastic.

Finally as well as know chanting appropriate french skipping rhymes, brings endless amounts of fun but to make the games slightly more challenging players can start with the height of the elastic around the ankles before taking it to the knees, then thighs, then waist.

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