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Family Fun Christmas Games For Kids 2018

Ah, Christmas! It’s a wonderful time of the year but it’s also a fantastically busy one too. There’s so much to organise, and so little time to do it in! But at the end of the day, Christmas is all about having family fun time , isn’t it? And to help you get into the swing of things, we’ve come up with our top rated family fun Christmas games for kids.

What2buy4kids Top Picks

O Deer Game

Awarding winning for 2018, this hilariously silly game will guarantee to bring fun and laughter to everyone’s Christmas. Simply toss the gold rings and catch them on your antlers…

Ready Steady Sculpt Game

A twist on the very popular game of charades. Instead of acting, players just need to model what they see on the card! Is it a cake, alien, tennis racket or computer?

Unicorn Hoopla

Unicorns are all the rage, so it’s not surprising to find Unicorn Hoopla in our top picks when it comes to Christmas games for kids. Turn kids into a magical unicorn with the headband, then aim and toss the rings onto the horn.

Stick the Carrot On the Snowman

Remember the party game, “Stick the tail on the donkey?” Well, let’s reinvent the game and give it a festive twist, by sticking the carrot on the snowman.

Pass Gass Game

Any game that is based on farting always gets the kids rolling all over the floor. Well this little dog, called Gass, randomly farts as he’s passed around the circle, but will the farts be sweet smelling or nasty trumps!

Kids Charades

This is an all time classic family Christmas game for kids, that needs no explanation. Played in Christmases past and present and will be a favourite in future Christmases too.

Poohead Game

Another one of those family games that’s guaranteed to go down well at Christmas, especially with the kids. It’s the fun flinging poo game. What more is there to say – Simply Genius!

Why choose family Christmas games for kids?

Playing Christmas Games are a fabulous way to bring all the generations together. Familiar classics such as charades, dominoes, beetle game etc are great ways for getting everybody, young and old, involved very quickly and taking part in the Christmas festivities. But, it’s always nice to spice things up a little with a new game or two, and playing a few new trendy, cool games is a real winner with kids.

Top Tips For Success when playing Christmas games with kids

Get a game that all age groups can enjoy. Set up teams when you have more players. Choose a game that is simple and easy to play. Quick to explain, not too complicated. Find a game that makes all generations laugh.  

So, with Christmas just around the corner, check out what’s new for 2018 in terms of fun family Christmas Games For Kids . We are sure that you will find one that will become a firm favourite, and one that will be played time and time again, and hopefully will turn into a classic in years to come.

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