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Fairy Reward Box

Being good has never been so rewarding!

Kids will discover that good behaviour can be lots of fun with this fantastic Fairy Reward Box.

An exciting alternative to reward charts, with this Fairy Reward Box, kids earn stars for good behaviour and can then post them through the slot on the box to see their good actions turn into a pile of stars.

The hinged front door opens so adults can swap the stars for bigger rewards and gifts when they want to celebrate their child's successes.

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This reward box is great for a wide range of ages - children as young as 18 months can grasp the concept of earning a reward and will enjoy posting the star.

Meanwhile older toddlers and pre-schoolers will love seeing the number of stars grow throughout the day, encouraging them to be well behaved.

And older kids will enjoy seeing the stars mount up so that they can swap them for pocket money or small rewards.

The reward box can be used for everything from helping with potty training, teeth brushing and managing tantrums to encouraging older children to help with chores around the house.

The cute box will look lovely on a bedroom or living room shelf where kids will see it regularly, giving them a great reminder to practice good behaviour.

The wooden fairy box is supplied with a cute organza bag filled with 20 wooden silver stars.

There's also an accompanying personalisation set that kids can use to make the box their own - with letters to spell out their name and adorable fairy character stickers to add magical scenes to the box.

H19 x W19 x D14 cm.

The Reward Box is suitable from birth to approximately 8 years of age.

 How you use it will vary as your child grows  (note - we do not recommend that children under the age of 3 use their Reward Box without adult supervision)

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