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Fabulously Funny Fart Toys

Kids have loved toilet humoured toys for generations, ever since the whoopee cushion was reinvented in the 1920s. In 2019 children’s fascinating interest in poo toys is still popular, but has increased dramatically and as a result our range of poo themed toys is constantly growing, year on year.

Toilet humoured toys were everywhere at Toy fair this year, from fart guns, to poo games to poo cushions and more, there were hundreds of them all appropriate for kids. As you know we are always eager to find new and exciting toys for kids, so here are our four favourite fart toys for 2019.

1. Farts in a Jar – Farts in a jar is a brilliant novel gift for kids. This little tub contains six of the finest quality farts which kids can listen to. From pffffts to pops and whiz bangers, kids aged 6 and up will be in hysterics listening to this funny farting machine.

2. Fart Card Game – if you know a child who finds passing wind hilarious, they will love this travel game which is based on the popular game Uno. Players have to score points by getting rid of their cards, but this funny game features different farty illustrations instead of colours.

3. Whoopee Cushion – this famous fart toy has been very popular for generations and it makes a great little gift for kids of any age. Children will enjoy secretly hiding this trumping toy underneath family and friends.  Kids will shriek with laughter as people sit down on the hilariously funny whoopee cushion and hear the farting noises.

4. Fart Sound Machine – Kids love to make rude noises, so if you know someone who thinks farts are hilarious then this little gadget is perfect. Just press any of the nine buttons to hear funny fart sounds.

All the toys above, will be loved by children as their interest in poop grows. We have many more poo toys available for you to look at, so make sure you browse our full range  of poo toys if you need any more ideas.

2 responses to “Fabulously Funny Fart Toys

  1. A Figure Doll is something you cannot ignore when it comes to farting toys, and after checking all items on the blog you should check the cute -Pull My Finger Farting Donald Trump Plush finger doll -With Animated Hair. It is 10.5 Inches Tall.

  2. I rarely see these kind of funny toys in a normal toy shop these days. Shopping online for these toys must be hard because you really need to hear the sound that it produces personally to avoid disappointments, so it’s really helpful to see that you have tried and tested these products and that you recommend them.

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