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Educational Toys And Kits From OjO

Since the start of 2018 the team here, at what2buy4kids has been extremely busy creating our brand, new monster themed website. After long detailed discussions we decided that we needed a new updated website with some new fabulous features but we also wanted to explore the market and to branch out into other areas. One of our new aims from the new website was to create an educational toys section so that it would become a breeze for customers to select educational gifts for kids. If you look at the blue top navigation bar now you’ll see the “Educational Toys” category, where you can currently shop by Literacy, Science, Maths, Arts & Crafts and Music but some exciting news is, that hopefully we’ll be adding History & Geography to this section later in the year. So after months of planning we finally launched our new website back in May and what’s even better is that the feedback so far has been great and everyone loves the new website as much as we do! Now that our new website has been launched, the hunt for an amazing selection of fun and educational toys begins, meaning our buyers are very busy searching far and wide for the very best educational toys in the world. Whilst many of our current toys already fit the educational theme, we always love to add lots of new products, every year, to keep our customers happy and our website looking fresh.


Learn with OjO recently got in touch with us asking us to review their educational toys and kits, and knowing that our buyers are trying to find new educational toys we said we’d love to. OjO is an up and coming educational toy company for young future innovators. They make problem-solving kits based around real-world problems that stimulate children’s curiosity, creativity and critical thinking skills. All their kits and toys are brought to life by a family of characters, playful narrative and vibrant colourful designs. OjO say that “Over the last decade education technology has focused on application and computer-based learning. While technological advances within this space develop, we need to promote a hands-on approach or ‘learning by doing’, and empower the next generation to develop the skills, values and courage to meet the challenges of our constantly changing world.” We were keen to try and test the OjO kits as we too believe that these gifts are “toys for future innovators.” Here’s what we thought:

The Raft Making Kit £5.99

The first kit we tried and tested was the raft making kit. This kit provides a hands-on problem-solving activity for children. The aim of this kit is to teach children all about floating and sinking and of course the aim is to get their 3D raft to float.  It was super easy to make and do, the instructions were clear and easy to follow, and we loved watching the mini you tube clip! The raft making kit is for children aged 4+ which is fantastic as there are very few science kits on the market for younger children. Also, we just have to mentioned that we loved the presentation of the kit (and all the kits are beautifully presented)


Moon Friends Kit £5.99

A brilliant kit for 3-year olds -we’d highly recommend you take a look. 3-year olds love sensory play and playing with playdough, which is why we know they’ll love making a range of alien creatures with this modelling kit. Kids will develop creativity as they make their own aliens from a range of sensory materials. We loved the sensory dimension to this kit as we truly believe young children have great fun whilst learning about stars, space, the universe and beyond.


Bird Nest Kit £5.99

Who doesn’t love helping the birds? We love creating fat balls for the birds to feed from and painting bird houses, so we were extremely eager to build a birds nest from this kit.  Everything you need to create a cute little nest is included in the set. This gift helps children begin to understand that birds are a vital part of our ecosystem. They eat pests and organic waste, disperse seeds and spread nutrients. However, the number of birds are declining in urban areas so it is important for us to learn about their role, their life cycle and of course help them out. Kids will love creating a little nest for the birds but also they’re developing imaginative skills too, without even knowing it.


Mars Mission Kit £16.99

This cool kit stimulates STEM, creativity and global awareness skills as children develop visual spacial awareness by building 3D vehicles from 2D shapes! Let their imaginations run wild with the Mars station activity and there are lots of open-ended play opportunities too! Finally, they will learn all about life on the red planet with the survival kit! We loved creating our own Mars landscape, but the best part was creating our very own rover so that we could then explore ’Mars’! This kit is for children aged 5 plus and they will love it, however adult supervision may be required! Although this kit is a little more expensive than the other kits there are 3 fun activities for the children to do from creating a Mars space station to a Mars exploration rover and then a rocket!


All 5 of the OjO kits contain all the materials and tools you need to complete the activity which is perfect as there is nothing more frustrating than starting an activity to then realise you are missing bits! Every kit comes with how-to-do videos and animated educational content available through the website so guidance and help is available 24/7. This is an amazing feature as independent children can find help even if an adult is busy. The toys inspire children to invent through open-ended play by providing a variety of unique and recognisable materials and all their themes and missions are based around real world problems. The beauty of this is that it encourages children to have the confidence to come up with their own solutions to problems and this develops that all-important problem solving skill. Finally, we love how OjO are planning for the future and that they have a mission called “OjO’s 5 skills for 2040” OjO builds 5 skills that will inspire your child to succeed in the new world. This is because they believe every child needs these 5 skills to succeed in the future when 30% of jobs will be lost to the robots (PWC)! Therefore, it is now more important than ever to teach the next generation the ability to innovate, solve problems and collaborate. Their kits are preparing children for the future through open-ended activity kits and workshops and children will develop STEM, Creative, Communication, Well Being and Global Awareness skills through their products. As you can see we really love the OjO range of toys and we’re hoping to stock their products ready for Christmas so please keep your eyes peeled. However if you are reading this and would also like us to stock your products or you know of any products you think we should sell, then please get in touch.

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