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Dueling Stomp Rocket

Rockets at the ready - but whose will fly the highest?

This fantastic Stomp Rocket Duelling Kit is the perfect way to challenge friends to a rocket launching contest.

With two launch pads, two children can launch rockets simultaneously - creating plenty of fun as they see their missiles fly skyward and watch to see which goes the furthest.

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Wrapping Paper Designs:

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Wrapping Paper Designs:

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Popular with kids and adults alike, stomp rockets are powered by air which means no batteries are required - kids simply jump onto the launch pad and their weight provides the power to launch the rockets.

This set comes with four rockets, providing lots of rocket launch fun.

The soft foam rockets can fly up to an impressive 200 feet - which will leave everyone gasping in amazement as they watch the rockets zoom off towards space.

Kit includes 2 Stomp Pads & 2 Different Coloured Rockets for Competitions.

Adult supervision recommended.

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