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Draw Out Junior Game

Pens at the ready - it's time to draw!

Draw Out is a fantastic drawing game that kids and adults will both love to play.

The players take it in turns to pick a card and then must draw the word on the card.

With 600 words across three categories, there's always a new drawing challenge to tackle.

And for younger players, there are illustrated options to copy so that everyone can play along.

Draw the picture and let your opponents try to guess what you have drawn.

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Wrapping Paper Designs:

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Wrapping Paper Designs:

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Additional information

The fun board adds an extra dimension to this drawing game as you move your piece along to see who will reach the centre first.

The set includes a wipeable white board so you can keep drawing without worrying about running out of paper.

There's also a fun duck-shaped sponge for rubbing out the drawings.

The box contains: Sand timer, Play counters, Cards, Game board, Whiteboard, Pen, Sponge and set of rules.

The fun categories in Draw Out Junior relate to objects, animals and nature or characters and names.

Suitable for 3-6 players, and ideal for kids aged 5 to 10.

Dimensions: 19.3 x 6.1 x 26.4 cm

Another fun family game from our Tactic Games Collection.

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